TeleVue Plössl Okular 40 mm - 1,25" Steckhülse - 43° Gesichtsfeld Bewertungen


TeleVue Plössl Okular 40 mm - 1,25" Steckhülse - 43° Gesichtsfeld

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Art.Nr. TVPL40

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Geschrieben von Yue Fai Sunny C. am 24.02.2016

"This is a top tier eyepiece offered by Televue and the optical quality is as expected exceptional and without competition. This is also one of the most important lensing components of my afocal imaging as well as wide field spectroscopic survey. The glasses are crystal clear and visually flawless. The difference is visually detectable compared other cheaper Chinese made eyepieces. Field edge performance is little changed from the diffraction limited field centre. I have three Televue plossls (40mm, 25mm, 8mm) all specifically chosen for high transparency and high contrast afocal photometric and spectroscopic work and there are all unparalleled in optical quality as well as practical performance. The only disadvantage in imaging for these Televue plossls is their weight, which is actually one of their advantage in its own right as it guarantees stability. I can quote one disadvantage of the Televue plossl 40mm and also the 32mm and that is it cannot fit inside T threads, and require the Teleskop Service deluxe eyepiece adaptor, which uses a combination of 2 inch, 1.25 inch and T threads to fit oversized 1.25 inch eyepieces. Regardless, the Televue 1.25 inch 40mm plossl would be a top of the line eyepiece compared to all other competitors. In my view the price of this eyepiece vastly understate its capability and this is particularly true for imaging, where there is no desire for wide field or space walk effects. In fact if one concentrates the visual experience on the available field of view, the space walk sensation is there and the observing is left with an impression of floating in space and observing in deep space as if there is no glass in between."