Säulenaufsatz für Skywatcher EQ6 - Länge 22 cm - weiss Bewertungen


Säulenaufsatz für Skywatcher EQ6 - Länge 22 cm - weiss

EUR 99,00

Art.Nr. EXEQ6w

5/5 Bewertungen


Geschrieben von conrad H. am 01.07.2023

"Deze gebruik ik om de montering te verhogen zodat deze niet tijdens waarnemingen in het zenit tegen het statief vast loopt. Zeer degelijk."

Geschrieben von Jurij D. am 25.06.2022

"With half pillar on top of my tripod I am no longer afraid that the telescope will hit anything when doing the meridian flip. Also, azimuth adjustment is now easier and more precise."

Geschrieben von Michel V. am 19.03.2022

"I needed the pilar because my setups would bump the tripod from time to time, this helps to prevent and makes the setup a bit higher!"

Geschrieben von Gerrit H. am 07.09.2019

otherwise great, but there is nothing to stop the lower end plate rotating in relation to the tripod, and unscrewing itself, except for the (low) friction between the extension and tripod. I fixed this by adding a cooking silicone friction pad between the pier lower plate and the tripod. The design could be fixed by adding a claw to the lower black plate, which will hook into the tripod screw hole.

Geschrieben von Thomas B. am 27.02.2016

"passt problemlos"