TS-Optics 1,25" Farbfilter # 21 Orange - Teleskope ab 80 mm Öffnung Bewertungen


TS-Optics 1,25" Farbfilter # 21 Orange - Teleskope ab 80 mm Öffnung

EUR 18,95

Art.Nr. TSOrange1

3/3 Bewertungen


Geschrieben von Klaus-Peter J. am 25.05.2023

"Gute Passform und filtert wie gewünscht"

Geschrieben von Klaus-Peter J. am 15.05.2020

"Perfekte Verarbeitung. Ich benutze den Filter zur Sonnenbeobachtung mit Folie. Die Sonne erhält eine für mich sehr angenehme Farbgebung ähnlich den Zeiss Glassonnenfiltern. Er wird an einem 6""/F8 Achromaten verwendet. Die chromatischen Aberrationen sind nicht mehr wahrnehmbar, damit verbunden eine hohe Kontraststeigerung und angenehmer als die grünfarbigen Kontrastfilter. Vielen Dank!"

Geschrieben von Benjamin I. am 26.07.2016

"The red filter suppresses turbulence, so I wanted to see if the orange filter would do the same. It does, not as much as the red one, but transmits more light, and alters colors less. The red filter gives tremendous contrast, the orange one a little less, but it has the other qualities I mentioned. Through it, yellow remains very bright, but looks more orange-yellow. Red looks pinkish and bright. Purple looks dark but it´s still purple. Blue is darkened so much it looks grayish black. Green is also much darkened but not as much as blue. The glass is pure and finely polished, image remains sharp at high power. The cell is well-cut metal, and elegant with its silver ring. The filter makes eyepieces sharper to the edge because they have only one main color to focus. With my Fraunhofer, chromatic aberration disappears completely, and atmospheric dispersion disappears, too. It sharpens the Sun quite well, and while the filter looks orange while you hold it, at the eyepiece the Sun looks looks more yellowish orange, like a paprika. I like that because it seems a little more natural (the red filter also looks totally red when you hold it alone, but when screwed on the eyepiece, it makes the Sun looks orangish red; that´s not because of the aperture filter since it´s AstroSolar, which gives a pure white image. A color filter is the cheapest great optical accessory you can have, so don´t be afraid to get a few."