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iOptron SkyTracker V2 - ultraportable star tracker for astrophotography

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iOptron SkyTracker with Polar Scope with polar wedge for portable astrophotography - colour white

... a very compact camera mount for long time exposure astrophotography, fits each photo tripod - new version - with 360° rotation on the base - makes it easier to center Polaris.

iOptron SkyTracker Version 2

The new iOptron StarTracker is a very portable camera mount for astrophotography. The SkyTracker makes it easy to take long exposures of the night sky. You can use your photo tripod.

Advantages of the iOptron SkyTracker:

-- polfinder and polar wedge are included
-- accepts to any standard camera tripod
-- accepts cameras weighhing up to 6.6 lbs / 3kg
-- automatical tracking for smooth camera movement - perfect for long term exposures
-- cast aluminium body
-- integrated compass and latitude adjustment wedge for easy polar alignment
-- includes AccuAligning dark-field illuminated polar scope
-- up to 24 hours of operation on 4AA batteries
-- 12V DC power connection
-- padded carry bad included
-- accepts ball heads through the 1/4" photo tripod
-- optional: app for APPLE computer fot the polfinder of the SkyTracker with the position of Polaris in your APPLE store.

The iOptron SkyTracker is simple to set up:

-- Just attach the unit to a standard camera tripod.
-- Than fix the ball head and the camera to the SkyTracker.
-- Align the SkyTracker to Polaris using the dark field illuminated polar scope.
-- Go to the area of the sky you want and turn on the motor .... ready !!!

You will have wonderful stars and beautiful images of the night sky.

The stable latitude adjustment:

The Latitude adjustmeht allows a precice polar alignment. This is important for a good tracking result. This is better as the simple phototripod head because - better alignment and more stable.

... Review of the Skytracker "This Thing Is a Blast"

Technical Spepcifications

Type ... Ultra Compact EQ Mount - white
Payload (MAX) ... 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Weight ... 1.1 kg w/o battery
Wheel ... 80mm, 156 teeth Aluminum Alloy
Worm gear ... 11 mm, brass
Bearing ... 4 pieces
Drive ... DC servo motor
Tracking ... R.A. auto
Tracking Speed ... Star, 1/2 Star for Time Lapse, North or South
Latitude Adjust Range .... 0 to 70 degree
Polar Sight Hole ... ~8.5 deg FOV
Polar Scope ... 6 degree FOV with dark field illuminated
Power Consumption ... DC 4.8 to 6V, 0.06A at Max. load
Power Requirement ... 4 AA batteries (not included) - External: DC 9 to12V (Optional)
Duration of operation ... 24 hours at 20C
Built in Accessory ... Compass
Dimension ... 153 x 104 x 58 mm
Operating temperature ... -10 to 40C
Base Connect to photo tripod ... 3/8"

SkyTracker with Ball Head and Camera The Ball Head and the Camera are not included

H/X Perseus and Hart & Soul Nebula

Hart and Soul Nebula - SkyTracker

The iOptron SkyTracker is perfect for rich-field astrophotography with objectives to 200mm focal lengh.

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First Testshot with the iOptron Skytracker
Focal lengh ... 135mm
Exposure time ... 900 seconds
Stars are perfect round !!!

 iOptron Skytracker Aufnahme 900 Sekunden
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