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Atik 320E color CCD - sony sensor 8,9mm diameter 2MP - 4,4µm

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ATIK Color CCD Camera 320
... very sensitive SONY ICX274 sensor with 2.2MP - size 7,13mm x 5,37mm - 4.4µm square pixels
... regulated cooling to -30° and low-noice sensitivity
.. Conditions: like new - the camera was tested - very small signs of use - front glass new !!!


The new Atik 320E is a 2 million pixel camera offers you the opportunity to take stunning wide field images of the sky at high resolution. As the Atik 314E, its relatively small pixels make it ideally suited to the popular short focal length refractors. The sheer number of pixels allows very high resolution images to be taken which will look great on the web or printed out at A4 and greater sizes. Like its siblings the Atik 314E and Atik 314L+ it is based on the highly regarded Atik 3 series platform which gives the lowest read noise of any camera currently available to amateur astronomers. The platform features USB 2.0 interface for fast readout, highly efficient cooling and low weight.

• 2 Million 4.4µm square pixels for high resolution imaging.
• Ultra low read noise for great sensitivity.
• Lightweight in order not to cause flexure of the telescope focuser tube.
• High efficient cooling to 25 degrees below ambient.
• Great software for image acquisition and pre processing.

The Atik 320E is available in monochrome or as a one shot color. All of this is being offered at a great price which can be enhanced still further by combing the Atik320E with our Auto Guider offer or the half priced filter wheel offer.

Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX-274
Horizontal Resolution 1620 pixels
Vertical Resolution 1220 pixels
Pixel Size 4.40 μm x 4.40 μm
Sensor back focus: 12 mm
ADC 16 bit
Readout Noise Typical 3 e-
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed
Power 12v DC 0.8A
Maximum Exposure Length Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length 1/1000 s
Guide Port ST-4 compatible
Cooling Thermoelectric with ΔT=-25°C, switchable on/off by software
Weight 350 gram

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