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Here you will find almost all for astronomy, nature observing and photography. One of Europe´s leading astronomy and nature shops offers comfortable Online Shopping. You will be thrilled by our huge selection and very fair prices. With our very large warehouse we can offer most products from stock for quick delivery.

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Christmas Gifts, Vouchers ... from Teleskop Service

Beginner Telescopes from Teleskop Service
..the best telescope for starting in astronomy.

Binoculars for hunting, bird watching and astronomy ..
..to Binoculars, Spotting scopes and Photo Tripods

Microscopes and accessories from Bresser, Celestron, TS Optics .. explore the Microcosmos!

TS Ritchey Chretien telescopes from 6" to 20" Aperture

Teleskop Service News: Professional Ritchey-Chretien telescope with tested quality mirror and torsion free tube construction.

Metal Tube Aperture 6", 8", 12"
Carbon full tube Aperture 8", 10", 12"
Carbon/Alu truss tube Aperture 10", 12", 14", 16" 20"

-- Aperture ratio: f/8 ( 6" aperture f/9)
-- big illuminated field of view (much bigger than SC)
-- brighter image and better contrast due too forced reflection
-- 2" and 3" corrector for big sensors avaiable

More infos about models and combinations of the TS RC Astrographs

TS APO refractor telescopes from 50mm to 150mm aperture

-- Triplet APOs with great color correction
-- Powerful bargain ED Refractors
-- Quadruplet Flatfield Apos for Astrophotography
-- Rigid Focuser - more field
-- optimized accessories for astrophotography

More infos on the APO and ED Refractors from TS-Optics

TS Newtonian Telescopes - fully customizable with CARBON tube

-- "made in Germany" - the alternative to Chinese-Mass-Production
-- optimized focus position and secondary diameter (astrophoto, planets..)
-- lightweight but stiff carbon tube
-- tested and selected mirrors - only the best for you
-- better illuminated field than standard newtons can offer

More infos on the UNC and ONTC - fully customized Newtons "made in Germany".


TS / GSO RC Astrographs from 6" to 16" aperture

-- the TS alternative to SC, ACF or EHD telescopes
-- well corrected field without corrector for DSLR
-- no dew problems and fast cooling down time
-- better Linear Power focuser - upgrade to Starlight / Moonlite
-- brighter image - 99% reflection mirrors

Link to the GSO RC telescopes made for Teleskop-Service

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