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TS High-End LRGB Filters
1.25" and 2" mounted
211.00 €
TS 100/110° XWA Eyepieces
FL 3.5mm 5mm 9mm 20mm
248.00 €
ASI 174MM color or mono
CMOS - USB3.0 2.3 MP
698.99 €
FPL-53 Triplet 3.7" Focuser
2,745.00 €
FPL-53 Triplet 2" Focuser
799.00 €

BestTelescopes for Beginner

Find the best beginner telescopes in each category for a wonderful start into amateur astronomy. We offer top prices and very fast shipment to you!

You will find telescopes for kids, classic telescopes and GoTo telescopes for computer enthusiasts.

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Dobsonian Telescopes - wide Range

Dobsonian Telescopes are very popular for Amateurs who enjoy visual observing.

Teleskop Service offers Dobsonians from the Beginner Telescope to big telescopes with 20-inch aperture. We also offer GoTo Dobsonian telescopes with tracking or dobsonians with digital setting circles.

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Newtonians made in Germany

Newtonian telescopes - fully customizable with high-end Carbon tube - this is TS-Optiks alternative to Chinese Mass-Production.

-- Better Illumination -- Tested and selected Quality Optic -- Carbon Tube - lightweight but stiff mechanic - optimized Focus Positions - free focuser choice ...

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Ritchey Chretien Telescopes

Professional Ritchey-Chretien telescopes from TS-Optics with tested quality optics and torsion free tube construction.

- Metal Tube Aperture 6", 8", 12"
- Carbon full tube Aperture 8", 10", 12"
- Carbon/Alu truss tube Aperture 10", 12", 14", 16" 20"

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