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Howie Glatter Parallizer Adapter for 1,25" equipment to 2"

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Howie Glatter Parallizer Adapter for 1,25" equipment to 2"
... perfect collimation on the optical axis - important for adjustment with laser

Howie Glatter Parallizer

This Adapter with a special feature has been made for Laser Collimator in 1 1/4" and all 1 1/4" accessories. This adapter has a patented mechanic, which alligns all your 1 1/4" accessories exactly to the optical axis.

At common adapter your 1 1/4" accessory normally will be clamped against a surface. So it´s possible that you equipment tilts and the allignment to the optical axis will be loosen.

With this totally new adapter your accessory will be clamped against 2 edges and additional it will be secured with a 45 degree positioned screw very safely. The result is a perfect alligned equipment.

For photography an exact allignment is absolutely necessary to avoid unsharpness in your images on one side. An exact centering to a few 1/100 mm isn´t so crucial, because a large field can compensate this problem. The same mechanism is attached outside the barrel to allign it in your 2" focuser barrel.

So an incorrect adjustment or abberations will be avoided.

Howie Glatter Parallizer - Drawing

-- Connection telescope site ... 2" with 2" Filterthread
-- Connection eyepiece site ... 1,25"
-- Weight ... 125 Gramm

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