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Baader 2" yellow colour filter - 495nm long pass

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Baader 2 Colour filter yellow - 2" - 495 nm long pass filter - in robust storage box

Suppresses the secondary spectrum (blue) at achromatic refractors. Image definition is increased.
Baader yellow colour filter transmission curve
Fields of use:
  • Contrast of the lunar and martian surface is increased.
  • This filter also enhances contrast between jovian cloud zones.
  • With bigger instruments (>8"), details on Saturn's surface can be seen.

General information about Baader colour filters:

Baader colour filter family Colour filters damp light and glare, enhance contrast and resolution by selective filtering and reduce exhaustion of the observer's eyes.

The more exeperienced an observer is, the more he will like these colour filters. Their effeciveness is depending on divers factors like aperture and focal length of the telescope, the actual magnification and the viewing conditions.

Baader eyepiece filters can be screwed into nearly every eyepiece. Their quality is superior to standard flame-treated colour glass filters and have an effective anti-reflective coating.

The 7-layer anti-reflective coating on both sides with only 0.25% reflectivity per surface is the most complex coating group ever applied to colour filters. The filter substrate (2 mm thick) is screwed in blackened aluminium cells (cell height: 6 mm without external thread, 8 mm with M48 external thread) and comes with a robust filter box. Every filter is suitable for multiple applications.

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Customer reviews:

Author: Gabor Juhasz, 11.12.2019
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"Great quality filter, massively increases contrast in fast (f/6 and faster) doublet refractors. By nature of the filter it colors the picture in the eyepiece to yellow. Violet and blue chromatic aberration is completely eliminated, due to this big magnifications can be achieved with fast doublet refractors. Recommended product."


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