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Adapter for GP-style prism rails to Losmandy 3" dovetails clamps

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Starway Adapter rail for telescopes with GP Prismen rails and mounts with 3" dovetail clamps
... when you want to mount a telescope with a GP-style rails on a mount with 3" Losmandy-style dovetail clamp

Adapter GP to Losmandy

The PS3-V adapter rail is a smart solution by TS Optics. You already own a telescope with the small GP prism rail (Vixen, Celestron, Meade... ) and now you want to fix it on a mount with the bigger 3" dovetail clamp (Celestron CGE/M, Pro, Losmandy, 10Micron... ). Now, you don't have to remove the existing prism rail from your telescope. Just slide the PS3-V adapter rail over it and your telescope fits to the new mount.

The PS3-V advantages:

-- fast conversion from Vixen GP Level to Losmandy Level and back
-- faster & cheaper than purchasing and attaching a 3" prism rail
-- versatile in use
-- low profile (only 6mm). It does not expose the mount to difficuld lever conditions.

PS3-V with Vixen Prism rail

The picture above shows the easy adaptation of the GP rails and the low profile. The rail is clamped by four screws.

The PS3-V's technical details:

-- Weigth: 300 Gramm
-- Length: 180mm
-- Total height: 15mm
-- Base width: 74.5mm

PS3-V with GP rail

GP Prism rail of a Celestron C8 - ready for the adaptation to a Losmandy-style mount.

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Author: Nicolas Grouwet, 02.12.2015
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Author: Joaquin Zafra, 02.12.2015
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"Excellent product"
Author: Göran Nilsson, 02.12.2015
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"Looks very good and I assume it will perform well."


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