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Orion IntelliScope to PC RS-232 Connector Cable

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Orion IntelliScope to PC RS-232 Connector Cable

This cable is used to connect an IntelliScope object finder to the serial port of a PC in order to use astronomy software to control the IntelliScope telescope.

♦ Useful cable for any IntelliScope telescope from Orion.

♦ For use with Starry Night Pro astronomy software and other programs such as The Sky6 Professional Edition.

♦ This cable connects the IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator to a serial port on your personal computer.

♦ Allows you to use astronomy software to tell your IntelliScope controller where you want to observe.

♦ Use an astronomy program interface instead of scrolling through menus and catalogs to find objects that can be seen through your IntelliScope telescope.


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