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Berlebach Stativ UNI 9C - maximum height 129 cm - up to 20 kg - leg spread stops

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Berlebach Stativ UNI 9C - maximum height 129 cm - up to 20 kg - leg spread stops

This tripod is designed for high loads. Even fully extended, the tripod will retain its stability. The geared centre column allows for comfortable adjustment.

♦ Maximum height: 129 cm

♦ Minimum height: 53 cm = 21 inch

♦ Transportation length: 71 cm

♦ Load capacity: 20.00 kg = 44.09 lb.

♦ Single leg extension, geared extendable centre column

♦ Single leg extension

♦ Many angles of spread

♦ Circular spirit level

♦ Weight 5.9 kg

♦ Optional spread stopper

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