APO Refractor Telescopes with good color correcture

very sharp telescopes for astronomy and astrophotography with apochromatic objectives.
Teleskop Service offers a wide range of color free APO Refractor Telescopes. We have special lines of APOs for Astrophotography with big focuser - our PHOTOLINE APO or Imaging Star Apo for Astrophotography - with integrated corrector from TS Optics - this is our own brand.

Of course we also offer all the well known brands like LZOS, TeleVue, TEC, Skywatcher, APM, Officina Stellare. Most of these APOs have FPL-53 APO glass of O-Hara.. bold;">

Five suggestions:

Special offers:

70mm f/6 ED with 2" Crayford Auszug
323.53 €
80mm f/6 Triplet FPL-53 APO
670.59 €
80mm f/7 ED Refractor
373.95 €
71mm f/4.9 5-element Imaging Star Flatfield Apo
1,091.60 €
100mm f/5.8 Imaging Star Flatfield Apo
2,159.66 €

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