Kadioptic telescopes - combination of mirrors and lenses

Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes are among the most popular telescope systems. Due to the combination of mirrors and lenses or Schmidt plates, a good image is achieved with a short length at the same time.
♦ Schmidt-Cassegrain or SC telescopes have a curved field of view. They are well suited for observation and also lunar and planetary photography. Due to their short design, these telescopes are also offered on compact GoTo fork mounts.

♦ Celestron EHD, RASA and Meade ACF telescopes were developed from the SC and offer a flat field of view due to an additional correction, making these telescopes very suitable for astrophotography.

♦ Dall Kirkham telescopes, Vixen VMC and similar are also a combination of mirrors and lenses. These telescopes do not have a front plate, they are open. The lenses for correction are built inside the telescope.

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