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TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph - 44mm field diameter

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TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph - 65mm aperture / 420mm focal length

4 element APO telescope with field correction for astro photography - 2" RP focuser - FPL53 glass

TS Quadruplet 65mm Superapo Astrograph

The TS Quadruplet Astrograph 65mm f/6.5 of the TS Imaging Star Line offers a highly corrected focal plane for astro photography and is therefore an interesting alternative to the Takahashi FS-60 or the Pentax 75 SDHF. It is fine crafted and optimal for mobile deep-sky imaging featuring a minimum mechanical length of 340 mm (with retracted dew cap). Image quality on- and off axis is perfect and the very low chromatic abberation allows a visual magnification range up to 150x.

TS APO 65 Quadruplet advantages:
-- fully corrected triplet lens group for colour-free imaging
-- integrated field flattener (4th lens) for a corrected fiels up to full-size sensors
-- optimized flattener position inside the tube for best effect
-- 2" dual speed focuser for high loads - no slipping, no shifting
-- 360° rotation possibilitiy for ideal framing
-- CNC tube rings
-- finder shoe (Vixen/Celesstron/Skywatcher compatible)

Astrophotos made with the Imaging Star 65mm Quadruplet APO
... here you find attractive photos from amateurs made with this apo - your results are very welcome ....
more infos

2" Rack and Pinion focuser:

Rack and Pinion Focuser

This focuser combines the advantages of a rack & pinion focuser with an improved bearing system. A Crayford design has its optimal stiffness only when the drive shaft is pressed firmly against the rail - this causes bucky operation. The fine machined cograil allows smooth focusing even under heavy loads up to 3 kg.

The focuser also features a 2" and 1.25" receptacle with brass compression rings. 2" accessory is locked by two thumbscrews - this prevents tilting.

The 65mm Quadruplet's optical system - four lenses in two groups:

Optic of the 65mm Quadruplet Astrograph
For this lens system FPL-53 glass is used for optimal colour correction. Stars are free of colour fringes and halos which may occur with camera-side corrector applications.

The fixed internal ED flattener causes an optimal image correction for sensor with a diagonal up to 44 mm. With a separate lens brought into the focuser, this can hardly be reached. This highly corrected system is additionally supported by a adequate baffling system

Technical details:

TS 65mm Quadruplet Astrograph

-- Aperture: 65mm
-- Focal length: 420mm
-- Photographic speed: f/6.5
-- Diameter of the corrected field: 44mm
-- Weight: 2.8 kgs (with tube rings)
-- Focuser: 2" RP with improved bearing, 360° rotation and ring clamping
-- Mechanical length: 340/375 mm with retracted/extended dew cap
-- Resolution: 1.78 arc seconds
-- Limiting visual stellar magnitude: 11m6
-- Diameter of the dew cap ... 88mm (for solar filter)

Scope of delivery:

-- optical Tube with focuser
-- CNC Rings
-- Vixen level dovetail rail
-- Finderholder

TS Quadruplet APO with RDA FinderDepicted with optional RDAV finder

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upUser reports
TS 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph ... tested at ScopeTest.com
Link to the Test

First Astro Images with the TS 65mm Quadruplet APO with the Canon EOS full size Camera
perfect stars from the center to the edges
... Christoph Otawa

Plejaden - 9x300 s -  Canon EOS5D

Plejaden 9x300 Sekunden bei 3200ASA

Testshot M41 and Sirius - no reflex 
Upper left M41 - more details below

Sirius - M41 Vollformat

Stars of M41 which are on the edges of the full size chip
The APO makes perfect round stars.

M41 Randsterne des TS Quadruplet APO

Thank you to Mr. Otawa for these good photos.


Firstlight with the Quadruplet 65mm from Tobiasz Jakubowski

Jakubowski - Firstlight Cirrus with 65mm Quadruplet TS

More images from Max - a satified customer:




One of the images with this small refractor was selected as the LPOD for March 20, 2013:  





Many more images using this small refractor can be found here:



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