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Celestron Firstscope 76 - 76/300mm Beginner Dobsonian Telescope

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Celestron Firstscope 76

76/300mm Beginner Dobsonian Telescope

Firstscope 76 telescope for beginners

A succesful start into astronomy - with little money and much fun:

With the Firstscope 76, Celestron offers a particular handy and easy to use beginners telescope. Instead of a wobbly mount a solid Dobsonian platforn is used. The Firstscope 76 is a light-gathering Newtonian telescope on a compact Dobsonian mounting.

To aim for celestial or terrestrial targets:

The Dobsonian mount enables a horizontal slew over 360° and a vertical motion from horizon to the zenith. Hence every point in the sky can be reached, as well as objects on our Earth.

Where this scope can be used:

The telescope can be used anywhere, you just need a table or another raised horizontal plane. You just put it there and start to have joy with observing.

What you can see already using the Firstscope 76:

This compact reflector shows you the crater-laden landscape on the moon, the phases of Venus, the Galileian moons orbiting around Jupiter with Jupiter's famous cloud stripes in place as well. You can even see the ring of Saturn. Outside the solar system some wonders of the universe are visible, as double- and multiple stars, stellar clusters with hundreds of stars, nebular structures of forming stars or remnants of stellar explosions. Also on Earth you can see a lot, being able to get "near" to birds or sail boats at the horizon.

Mond Sternhaufen Komet Natur

The Firstscope 76 in use

Technical data and scope of delivery:

-- Newtonian telescope of 76 mm aperture (3")
-- Focal length 300 mm
-- max. useful magnification about 100x
-- 1,25" focuser (allows using standard eyepieces)
-- Eyepiece 20 mm (15x) for overview and observation of extended objecs in the sky or on Earth
-- Eyepiece 4 mm (75x) for the smaller objects as lunar craters or planets.
-- Book "Erste Schritte mit ihrem Celestron-Teleskop" (German language)
-- Weight only about 2 kg

We recommend the following optional accesories:

-- RK10 - 10 mm eyepiece for a magnification of 30x
-- PlaniN50 - Planisphere to aid orientation at the sky
-- Teleskop 1x1 - Alles Wissenswerte über Fernrohre (German language telescope book)

Those accessories and many more are linked below.

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