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TS Optics Filter Quick Changer incl. 1x 2" filter drawer - low profile

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TS Optics Filter Quick Changer incl. 1x 2" filter drawer - only 15mm short

change the Filter in seconds without removing the camera or the eyepiece

TS Optics Filter Quick Changer - ideal for quickly changing between filters

Visual and Photographical Use
There are many applications that require you to change between filters regularly. The usual way is to remove the camera or eyepiece from the telescope, unscrew the filter, screw in another filter, put everything back in the telescope and focus again. This procedure is annoyingly bothersome and takes a lot of time!
The TS Optics Filter Quick Changer allows you to switch between filters within a few seconds without having to refocus after the filter change!

Examples of Use:
- Astro Imaging: LRGB colour imaging, narrowband colour imaging, use of different contrast filters and nebula filters

- Planet Observing: Ideal for using colour filters. The quick change between the filters allows you to directly compare the effect of different filters and thus choose the ideal filter for the particular application.

- Deep Sky Observing: You can directly compare the impressions with UHC filters, O-III filters and other filters. This allows you to get the most detail out of each object!

Advantages of the Filter Quick Changer in comparison with other systems:
- there is no limit to the number of different filters you can use.
- very low profile
- this also results in best possible field illumination
- the filter quick changer needs less space than e.g. a filter wheel
- the filters currently not in use can be stored protected from dew and dust. In classical filter drawers the filters are completely unprotected!
TS Filter Quick Changer with one drawerSpecifications:

Optical Lengthonly 15mm!
Telescope AdaptationT2 Female Thread
approx. 2mm Length
Accessory AdaptationT2 Male Thread
approx. 2mm Length
Max. Diameter80mm
Weightonly 85 grams incl. one drawer
TS Filter Quick Changer ... Variations and Combinations
TS Filter Quick Changer - Possible Combinations
By choosing the appropriate drawer you can freely decide whether you wish to use 1.25" or 2" filters. You can even mix between them!

Important for Astro Imaging: With a Dark Filter you can take dark frames. The dark filter will block all light.
TS Filter Quick Changer + Off Axis Guider ComboTop Recommendation: Combo TS Filter Quick Changer + TS Off Axis Guider

The complete package has an optical length of only 24mm! You can enjoy the advantages of the quick filter change even when using a coma corrector or field flattener. Most conventional solutions would be too long - you would be unable to keep the proper distance between the corrector and the camera sensor!

Possible Adaptations

The filter quick changer is based on the T2 adaptor system. As a result almost any conceivable adaptation can be achieved. You can find the most common adaptors under "recommended accessories".

Telescope Adaptations:
- 1.25" adaptation ... with TS FA 1
- 2" adaptation ... with TS FA 2
- SC thread adaptation ... with Baader SC-T2 Adaptation (
BA 2958500B)
- and many more

Accessory Adaptations:
- 1.25" eyepiece adaptation ... with TS T2-1-T2S
- 2" eyepiece adaptation ... with TS T2-2"
- M48 thread adaptation ... with Baader adaptor BA 2458110
- SC thread adaptation ... with Baader adaptor BA 2408135
- T2 adaptor rings for all common DSLR cameras
- and many more

Scope of Delivery:

- TS Filter Quick Changer - main body with T2 thread on both sides
- One filter drawer for 2" filters

Useful Accessories .... see "recommended accessories":
- additional filter drawers for 1.25" or 2" filters
- protective case for filter drawers
Hands-on Advice from TS:

The ultra low profile of the TS Filter Quick Changer results in best possible field illumination. Especially on "fast" telescopes, e.g. some Newtonians, the optical length has a big influence on vignetting! The TS Filter Quick Changer even allows you to use 1.25" filters on CCD cameras that would normally require larger filters with other filter holders.

A very common problem: Autoguiding cameras attached to off axis guiders often collide with the filter wheel or other large filter systems. The TS Filter Quick Changer is small enough to avoid this problem!

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upUser reports

Hands-on tip by Teleskop Service - Screwing 2" filters into the drawer

As the compact filter drawer is only minimal bigger than the filter itself, it is sometimes difficult to screw the filter in.

How to make it easier:
All you need is a 2" eyepiece, a 2" nosepiece or similar. Place the nosepiece directly above the filter (opposite side of the thread) and fix the filter with tape. Now you can use the 2" nosepiece to screw the filter in and you fingers don't collide with the drawer.

Yours, the TS astro specialists


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