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TS-Optics Optics stepper motor drive for EQ3-1 mount

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Motor Clock Drive for EQ3-1 mount
... now objects stay in the field of view.

MDEQ Motor Drive for the TS EQ3-1

A motor drive is an important accessory for equatorial mounts. It allows you to follow the movement of the objects on the sky automatically, without manual intervention. That way you can fully concentrate on observing instead of having to concentrate on manual tracking!

The motor drive is particularly important if you plan to do astro imaging, where manual tracking won't do the job.

Unlike simpler motors this model is a quartz-controlled clock drive, i.e. it will run at the precisely right speed regardless of the outside temperature or of the remaining voltage of your battery!

Telescopes known to be compatible with this motor drive:

-- JUPITER refractor from TS Optics
-- STARSCOPE 1149 Newtonian from TS Optics
-- MEGASTAR 1550 Newtonian from TS Optics

Scope of Delivery:

-- Stepper motor with adaptation for the TS EQ mount
(see below for compatible telescopes)
-- hand controller with 9 V coaxial power connector and north-south switch. Allows the
motor drive to be operated on both earth hemispheres.
-- battery pack

Don't use 12 V, it will destroy the electronics by overheating. The drive needs 9 V.

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Customer reviews:

Author: Paul Leith, 09.03.2016
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"This stepper motor for the EQ3-1 mount is excellent. It has transformed my viewing experience in a very positive way, enabling me to see deep sky objects more comfortably. It is very easy to attach and use. At this price and with such fast shipping it is highly recommended. "


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