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APM APO Super 107/700mm with 3" PHOTO focuser and FPL53 lens

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APM APO Super 107/700mm with 3 "PHOTO extract and FPL53 lens
... an excellent color purity APO for observation and astrophotography
... direct connection to the TS 2,5" full size sensor flattener
... upgradeable to the STARLIGHT Feather Touch 3" Focuser (ask for an offer)

APM Super Apo 3inch PHOTO Crayford

Pure Color 3-lens apochromatic refractor for observing and astrophotography - even for large chips well prepared. The lens is a 3-lens gap-Apo, the type of glass used FPL-53, of course, fully multi-coated. Quality comes close to look at the world famous LZOS optics, it is better than diffraction limited. You can expect a nearly perfect star test. Venus is also visible at 400 times the focus without chromatic aberration, the lens is replaced by a midtrain and glands fully adjustable and using side screws and fully centered (Note: Customers please do not turn the centering screws!) Large fully corrected image field with large 2.5 "extension and the optional TS 2.5" Flattener she expects a full field corrected image with optimal illumination to full size.

3inch photo crayford

The large 3 "extract guarantees a very good illumination. In combination with the 2.5 "Field Flattener Telescope Service you receive a fully corrected and illuminated image field of more than 50mm in diameter. Even large CCD cameras such as the STL 11 000 to be fully illuminated. The tube rings are flat on both sides with 5 inch 1/4-20 threads (photo thread), the two outer threads are kept on Losmandy 62 mm hole size, the two inner thread on Astrophysics mm hole size held 60.20. The 2.5" Flattener fits the focuser directly. We also will offer a reducer/corrector especally for this focuser.

Suggested distance from the optional 2,5" TS Flattener to the Chip position:

Note: To attach the 2.5" corrector to the focuser, no further adapters are requiered.

The distance 99mm from the female thread of the Flattener to the chip sensor is perfect. To go to T2, we suggest:
- M69-M48 .... adaptor to M48 - 2" Filterthread (1mm lengh)
- TSVF205 .... M48 extension tube with 5mm lengh
- TSFA2 ........ Adaptor to T2 (38mm lengh)

From this thread you have 55mm to the perfect focus position. This is the standard for T2 rings and DSLR Cameras. Of course we also can offer adaptions for full size chips with other adaptors.

We are able to make a complete adaption for your camera and can make an attractive BUNDLE offer - APO and Flattener and adaptor to your camera .... please send us a mail for more informations .... wr@teleskop-service.de

Technical data:

- 3-lens Apo, fully multi-coated
- Glass type FPL53
- Opening: 107 mm
- Focal length: 700 mm
- Focal ratio f / 6.5
- Weight without barrel clamps: 4.45 kg
- Weight clamps: 0.70 kg
- Weight tube with pipe clamps: 5.15 kg
- Weight tube, pipe clamps, case: 10.40 kg
- Tube diameter: 114 mm
- Dew-Diameter: 143 mm
- Dew Cap diameter: 145 mm
- Tube length with extended dew shield: 665 mm
- Tube length with retracted dew shield: 580 mm
- Designed barrel aperture 2 to 50 mm full face in focus
- Back focus: 190 mm
- Focuser shaft: 33 mm diameter
- Focuser travel: 110 mm


- Sturdy aluminum tube
- Retractable dew shield
- CNC tube rings and Vixen Level dovetail bar
- 3" focuser with 1:10 reduction
- 360 ° rotatable focuser
- Aluminum Case

The Pleiades by the APM Super Apo 107/700mm and TS 2.5 "Flattener

APM Apo 107mm Feld

The stars at the top left:

APM Apo 107mm Randsterne


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IC 1805 through the APM 107mm Super Apo
... Correcture and focus lengh reduction through the Riccardi Reducer
... click on the image to see 100% resolution

Hart Nebula APM 107mm Super APO
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