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MGEN2MaximDL Bundle - Dithering for CCD cameras with Maxim DL

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MGEN2Maxim Bundle - Dithering with the Mgen using a CCD camera with MaximDL
... use the funtion of parallel shifting with your CCD camera and MaximDL

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MGEN2Maxim is the interface between CCD camera and the Lacerta Standalone Guider Mgen. It offers the possibility to use a dithering mode (parallel shifting).
This requires MaximDL Pro as camera controlling software. All CCD cameras supported by MaximDL can be used.


Microsoft Windows XP up
MaximDL Pro
serial port (also working with an USB-Serial interface)
DotNet-Framework 3.5
Additional Hardware (already part of the bundle) for the serial port

Verbindungskabel MGen MaximDLSerial port adaption cable


Out of the box, the Lacerta already can controll EOS DSLR cameras. Dithering also works as the Mgen controlls guiding and exposures. Mgen "knows" when exposure times are ending and can easily shift afterwards right before starting a new exposure.

Using a CCD camera is a little bit different as the Mgen is only controlling the guiding and doesn't know when to dither and when not. The result was that one had to set exposure times and a dely for the Mgen to shift the mounts position. This caused some trouble as the Mgen sometimes startes shifting before an exposure was terminated.
The result is that you loose the image

MGEN MaximDL uses separate hardware connected to the serial port. The Mgen trigger signal gets analyzed and only after that, MaximDl starts an exposure.

Please be aware: without the adapter cable, the MGEN2Maxim set is not working!

The Software is to be downloaded from the developers page:

Scope of delivery:

- Software (licence key via E-Mail)

- cable

Returning the Software after having received the licence key is not possible!

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