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OFFER Skywatcher Alt-Azimuth Mount with slow motion controls - 5kgs

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AZ-3 - Alt-Azimuth Mount with manual slow motion controls and with tripod

This mount is ideal for nature observing as well as for "grab and go" astronomical observing.

Both axes have a manual slow motion control through flexible shafts. This allows you equally well to track a bird in mid-flight, to track a boat on the horizon or a celestial object while it moves across the night-sky. Tracking can be done comfortably and with good precision, so extended visual observing is possible even with high magnifications.

A telescope is attached to the mount using a pair of tube rings. (Usually included with a telescope. Not included with this mount.)

The AZ-3 mount comes with a sturdy but light-weight aluminium tripod - adjustable in height from 71cm to 123cm. The mount can carry instrument weights up to approximately 5kgs. The AZ-3 itself weighs approx. 3.9kgs including the tripod.

The AZ3 can be pointed at any point between the horizon and almost up to the zenith. In azimuth it allows for a 360° movement.

It is also possible to attach instruments with camera tripod thread (such as cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars with tripod adaptor, ...). For this you need the AZ3 Foto adaptor which is available separately. You can find it under "recommended accessories".

AZ3 Camera Thread Adaptor - for the adaptation of instruments with 1/4"-20 camera thread to the AZ 3. An important optional accessory !!!

The AZ3 mount has a mounting plate which is made for telescopes with tube rings. Spotting scopes, cameras and many other instruments do however not have tube rings, they usually have a 1/4" camera tripod thread.

The AZ-3 1/4-20 camera adapter is the part you need to connect a camera or spotting scope to the AZ3. No tools are needed once you have attached the adaptor to the mount.

This adaptor turns the AZ-3 into a very sturdy camera tripod with slow motion controls - at a fraction of the costs of a regular camera tripod with similar properties.

You can find this item under "recommended accessories".

Practical Tips from Teleskop-Service:

How to balance the mount:

For nature observing where you point the instrument at the horizon you usually do not need to do anything to balance the instrument on the mount. The instrument should already be well balanced on top of the AZ3.

If you need to point the mount upwards, such as for watching birds in flight or for astronomy, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Attach the instrument to the AZ3 and loosen the screw that locks the altitude movement until the mount moves very easily in altitude.
  2. Move the mount until the instrument points 45° above the horizon. (For astronomers: You can point it at Polaris. In typical moderate regions such as in most parts of Europe the polar star is roughly 45-50° above the horizon.)
  3. Move the telescope further forward in its tube rings, until the mount is properly balanced while it still is pointed 45° upwards.
  4. Point the instrument at the horizon. The telescope will have a tendency to pan forward, so tighten the altitude screw again until it just doesn't move on its own accord. While pointing the telescope at the horizon there will now be a slight imbalance. At the same time there will be a slight imbalance in the other direction if you point the telescope at the zenith. However, on average the imbalance is now small enough in either direction to not cause any problems in actual use.


-- alt-azimuth mount for 360° movement in azimuth and an altitude movement from the horizon until nearly the zenith
-- coarse movement possible by simply moving the mount manually
-- slow motion controls with flexible shafts
-- aluminium tripod - adjustable in height from 71cm to 123cm
-- weight: approx. 3.9kgs including tripod
-- telescope mounting threads: M6

Scope of Delivery:

-- AZ3 alt-azimuth mount with adjustable height aluminium tripod

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