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Celestron C5 XLT - 125/1250mm Schmidt Cassegrain OTA

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C5 optical tube - orange C5 - Schmidt Cassegrain - 125mm Aperture - 1250mm Focal Length

The C5 is one of the classics in Celestron's product range. It is equally suited for astronomical applications as well as for photography and for nature observations. C-5 optics have even been used by NASA for some Space Shuttle missions!

This instrument is excellent in image quality and is particularly versatile, making it ideal for a broad variety of users.


- Astronomical observing
- Astro imaging
- Nature observing
- Birding
- Target shooting
- Photography

The Celestron C5 combines a large light gathering power, a long focal length and very compact dimensions. It is ideal under awkward light conditions or during the night-time.

For photography the C5 resembles a very powerful telephoto lens with 1250mm focal length and a focal ratio of f/10.
Compact and Ultra-portable:
With a length of only 28cm and a weight of 2.7kg the C5 is extremely compact and portable for an instrument with this light-gathering power and resolution. It can even be mounted on a sturdy camera tripod. We consider the C5 to be suitable even for airline travelling.

Spotting scope:
The C5 is a powerful spotting scope for nature observing and birdwatching. Under good conditions you can use magnifications up to approx. 200x! A large number of eyepieces is available - you can choose between hundreds of eyepieces from dozens of brands.

One particular application of the C5 is target shooting. Under good conditions you can even see where you hit a target at 300m shooting distance!

Adaptor with T2 thread for photographical adaptations (optional accessory)
Extremely versatile - a large number of accessories can be used:

The internal focusing mechanism provides a major advantage: Almost any accessory can be used on the C5 that cannot be used on many other telescopes. This includes, among many others:

-- 1.25" visual back for attachment of standard accessories
-- adaptations for various cameras (optional)
-- adaptation of binocular viewers for observing with both eyes

XLT coating for a brighter image

The C5 comes with Celestron's most powerful coating: The XLT coating. As a result over 10% more light reaches your eyes than with other comparable telescopes. The result: A brighter image and more contrast.

Advantages of the Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain system:
Compact dimensions The Schmidt-Cassegrain design results in a surprisingly short tube length despite the instrument's long focal length.
No focusing problems The focusing mechanism works by moving the primary mirror inside the telescope. As a result you get a much larger than average focusing range, allowing for the use even of many exotic accessories including e.g. binocular viewers.
Rigid tube Due to its compact dimensions the Schmidt-Cassegrain tube is quite rigid, adding to the portability of the instrument. Even without rubber armouring it is well suited for outdoor use.
Easy mounting The C5 comes with an attached dovetail plate. The plate has the Vixen standard and thus will fit on many astronomical mounts. Adaptations for most other mounts are available.

In addition the C5 can be directly attached to camera tripods using the standard 1/4" thread.

Aperture / Focal Length 127mm / 1250mm / focal ratio 1:10
Weight / dimensions 2.7 kg / tube length 28cm (33cm incl. visual back)
Focus range 6m to infinite distance
Coating High quality XLT coating for a brighter image

Scope of delivery:

-- C5 optical tube with GP-style dovetail plate for adaptation to many astronomical mounts and to camera tripods
-- Red-dot finder
-- 45° erecting prism for an upright and correct image
-- 1.25" 25mm Plossl eyepiece for 50x magnification

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