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TS-Optics NEWTON Coma Corrector 0.73x Reducer - 2" Connection

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TS-Optics NEWTON Coma Corrector 0.73x Reducer - 2" Connection

This coma corrector and reducer turns your Newtonian telescope into a high-speed astrograph. The focal length is reduced and the field is corrected.

♦ This 2" reducer and coma corrector has been developed by Ackermann, a well-known US optics designer, and is manufactured exclusively for Teleskop-Service.

♦ The corrector reduces the focal length of the Newtonian and increases speed while correcting the field at the same time.

♦ The corrector can be used with all Newtonian telescopes from f/3.5 to f/8. Prerequisite is just a 2" connection and sufficient working distance (backfokus)

♦ The existing design was clearly improved at the same time, the usable field is larger and the illumination was improved.

♦ Shortening factor 0.73x

♦ Working distance from the M48 thread ist 67 mm

♦ Usable field up to 30 mm (APS-C size) / fully corrected 22 mm

♦ Necessary focus distance from the 2" receptacle of the focuser: 85 mm - that is fulfiled by almost all Newtonian telescopes with 2" connection

♦ Mechanical length of the corrector is 56 mm - it is short and does not protrude into the tube. The shorter design also provides a larger illuminated field of view

♦ At the telescope side, an M48x0.75 2" filter thread is available


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