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Astrolumina Alccd-QHY 5III 178 - USB3.0 CMOS Monochrome Camera

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Astrolumina Alccd-QHY 5III 178 - USB3.0 CMOS Monochrome Camera

The ALccd-QHY 5III 178 is an excellent camera for solar, lunar, planetary and meteor photography - even with short focal distances.

♦ High frame rate, well suited for sun, moon and planets

♦ Low noise and high sensitivity, suitable for deep-sky photography

♦ Back-illuminated sensor for highest sensitivity and quantum efficiency in the visible and infrared range of light

♦ Camera fits directly to 1.25" focusers

♦ Minimal back-focus necessary, thus suitable for off-axis guiders

♦ Lightweight with only 85 g

♦ The second image shows the connectors of a very similar camera as an example, the third image the entire range.


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