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Baader Research Grade TZ-3 Telecentric System (3x focal length)

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Baader Research Grade TZ-3 Telecentric System (3x focal length)

Baader Telecentric Systems for focal length extension in conjunction with any SolarSpectrum H-alpha filter

♦ Telecentric unit, featuring an oversized pick up expanding lens set and 2" (50.8 mm) threads on both sides – T2 adapter and 2" m/f inverter ring are both included as standard accessories

♦ 46 mm clear aperture at the H-alpha filter entrance side - suitable for research grade SolarSpectrum H-alpha filters

♦ Superior backfocus of 250 mm for optimized focal length reduction with a telecompressor and suitable room for adapting a binocular viewer

♦ Aplanatic, with 3x focal length extension to achieve a parallel f/30 beam in conjunction with ~f/10 optics systems – free of field curvature

♦ Primarily calculated and produced for H-alpha at 656.3 nm, delivering 99% Strehl (99% definition brightness)

♦ Diffraction limited design also at 396 nm (CaK)


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