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TS-Optics Optics 1.25" Premium UHC Filter - more Contrast

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TS Optics 1.25" Premium UHC Filter
... reduces light pollution and natural sky glow

TSUHCL1 UHC Filter for 1.25inch

An ocean of city lights causes a large amount of background illumination that drastically reduces the visibility of space objects. This is the case everywhere but in the most remote rural areas. As a result of this you can see much less of an objects and much fewer objects than would be possible with your telescope.

With the TS Optics UHC Filter this light pollution is almost completely blocked, strongly improving contrast for astronomical observations!

Under typical observing conditions only a couple of dozen objects are easily visible, even in large telescopes. Even in very rural areas in Europe there is still a certain amount of light pollution, reducing visibility of fine details.

The TS Optics UHC Filter moves hundreds of additional objects within reach of your telescope! At the same time is strongly improves visibility of details.

The filter works with the following telescopes:

You can use the filter with any telescope that can use 1.25" eyepieces. The filter will work well with any telescope from 70mm aperture.

How the UHC Filter works:

The light pollution caused by city lights is present nearly constantly throughout the entire visible spectrum. By contrast, many bright space objects emit light only in a few specific wavelengths. The most important of these wavelengths for visual observing are O-III and H-Beta.

Many objects emit light almost exclusively in these wavelengths.

This is where the TS Optics UHC Filter comes in: It permits precisely these important wavelengths and at the same time blocks the other wavelengths nearly completely. This reduces the background light to a fraction of its original intensity, while the light from the object can pass almost unhindered. The result: A massively improved contrast!

Example: The Dumbbell Nebula (M27)

Dumbbell Nebula without filterDumbbell Nebula with TS UHC filter
View of M27 without UHC Filter View of M27 with UHC Filter
This simulated image resembles
The sky's background brightness is reduced.
the typical impression
under The nebula can be seen much more clearly.
average observing conditions.

The TS Optics UHC Filter can be used to maximum effect on Gas Nebulae and Planetary Nebulae.

Gas nebulae are huge congregations of hydrogen gas, million times heavier than our own sun! Planetary nebulae like the Dumbell Nebula are the remnants of old stars at the end of their lives.

In the above images we have simulated the effect of the TS Optics UHC with the Dumbbell Nebula M27. The left image shows how the Dumbell Nebula appears in a typical telescope as seen from a small town. The right image shows the same object under the same conditions but with the use of the TS Optics UHC Filter. You can clearly discern many additional details as compared with the impression without the filter!

(Unfortunately it is not possible to show the visual effect on a real photo since cameras perceive celestial objects differently. For this reason we have simulated the effect by digital image processing. The image was made to resemble the true impression as closely as possible and to the best of our knowledge.)

Scope of Delivery:

-- 1.25" UHC Filter (Interference filter)
-- Metal cell with large clear aperture and with filter thread on both sides
-- Storage box

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