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Celestron NexStar 6 SE - 152/1500mm Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope

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Celestron NexStar 6 SE - 152/1500mm Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope

Celestron NexStar 6SE - the portable telescope with 152 mm aperture, accurate tracking and automatic positioning on more than 40,000 objects.

♦ Aperture 152 mm / focal length 1500 mm / focal ratio f/10

♦ The NexStar 6SE convinces with extra stability - ideal also for astrophotography

♦ High-quality and hand corrected optics for fine sharpness on Moon and planets and enough light for many thousands of nebulae and galaxies

♦ The telescope can be removed from the mount with one turn of the wrist

♦ Well equipped altazimuth GoTo mount with accurate tracking and a database of more than 40,000 objects which can be located by pushing only a few buttons

♦ SkyAlign technology allows easy calibration, the telescope is ready for use within a few minutes and guaranties successfull observations right from the first night

♦ Complete equipment with height-adjustable tripod, star diagonal, eyepiece and easy-to-understand manual

♦ Menu language (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian) selectable


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Eyepiece-side accessories like Filters:
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TS-Optics Optics 1.25" Premium UHC Filter - more Contrast

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TS-Optics Optics 2" Premium UHC Filter - more Contrast

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Baader 1.25" Skyglow Neodymium Moon Filter and Planet Filter

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TS-Optics 1.25" Grey Filter ND 09 - 13% Transmission - Neutral Density

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TS-Optics Optics 1.25" Colour Filter Blue #80A - Minimum Aperture 70 mm

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TS-Optics Optics 1.25" Colour Filter Green #56 - Minimum Aperture 60 mm

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TS-Optics Optics 1.25" Colour Filter Red #25 - Minimum Aperture 80 mm

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TS-Optics Optics 1.25" Colour Filter Yellow #12 - Minimum Aperture 80 mm

General Accessories:
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TS-Optics dimmable LED Flashlight with red and white light

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Euro EMC visual Solar Filter - D= 146 mm, for 155-202 mm telescope tubes

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Petzl Tikka Outdoor Headlamp, red or white light switchable

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Celestron Focusing Motor for SC and EdgeHD Telescopes

Cleaning & Collimating:
instead 6,68 EUR
only 5,03 EUR*

TS-Optics Optical Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Baader Optical Wonder Cleaning Fluid with Dose Vaporizer

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TS-Optics Cleaning kit (five parts) - for almost all optical surfaces

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TS-Optics Knurled Screws for Collimation of Celestron SC and EHD Telescopes

Transport & Covers:
53,78 EUR*

Dew Not Flexible Heater length 20.5 inch (53.5 cm) - for diameter 6 inch +/-5%

310,08 EUR*

Telescope Carrying Case for Celestron NexStar 6 SE

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Celestron Travel Case for NexStar 8SE and 6SE

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TS-Optics flexible Dew Shield for tubes from D=180 mm to 220 mm, like many 6" telescopes

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Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew shield - fits Tubes D=181 mm, like 6" Newtonians

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Skywatcher Aluminium Case for Skymax 150 & Celestron C6 OTA

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TS-Optics padded Carrying Case for SC RC MAK from 6" to 8" Aperture

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TS-Optics Protective Cover for small telescopes up to 80 cm length

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TS-Optics Protective Cover for small telescopes up to 80 cm length and spotting scopes

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TS-Optics Adaptor from SC thread to 2" receptacle

Power Supply:
32,77 EUR*

12V 12Ah rechargeable lead gel battery

70,59 EUR*

TS-Optics 12 V Power Tank 7 Ah with light and various connectors

28,99 EUR*

TS-Optics 12 V 3.0 A stabilized compact switching mains adapter - suitable for 100-240 VAC

Accessories for mounts:
41,18 EUR*

Celestron RS232 cable for all Celestron GoTo telescopes

instead 25,13 EUR
only 23,07 EUR*

TS-Optics Adapter from USB to RS232

instead 217,65 EUR
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Celestron GPS Module for all Celestron GoTo mounts & telescopes

instead 335,29 EUR
only 318,49 EUR*

Celestron Wedge for NexStar Evolution and SE 6/8

399,16 EUR*

Celestron StarSense Module - automatical alignment for GoTo mounts

Diagonal Mirrors & Prisms:
116,81 EUR*

TS-Optics SC 2" Star Diagonal - 99% - Compression Ring - SCT Thread

instead 66,39 EUR
only 57,98 EUR*

TS-Optics SC 2" Star Diagonal - 91% - Compression Ring - SCT Thread

11,12 EUR*

Planisphere - 50° Northern Latitude - Star Chart - German vers.

Barlow, Corrector, Reducer:
205,04 EUR*

Baader Alan Gee f/5.9 Telecompressor with 2" to T2 adaption

Photo Acessories:
37,82 EUR*

Baader Adapter SC female and T2 male - rotatable T2 focal adapter for SC

instead 25,13 EUR
only 23,45 EUR*

Celestron piggy back camera holder for SCs and Maksutovs

instead 83,19 EUR
only 42,01 EUR*

TS-Optics moon and planetary astro CCD camera with 1,25" connection

108,40 EUR*

TS-Optics Reducer Corrector f/6.3 for Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes

49,58 EUR*

TS-Optics Guidemount - ultra-compact Vixen GP level dual mount

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