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iOptron SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount with Polar Scope

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iOptron SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount with Polar Scope

The iOptron SkyTracker Pro makes astrophotography easy and allows taking impressive images of the night sky.

♦ Configure the SkyTracking according to your needs. Order suitable accessories via the options list -see below.

♦ The SkyTracker Pro can be loaded with equipment up to 3 kg with optional counterweight

♦ A polar wedge with fine adjustment and the illuminated polar scope for precise polar alignment are already included in the scope of delivery

♦ The SkyTracker has an internal rechargable battery (up to 24 hours operation). You don´t have to worry about the power supply.

♦ The SkyTracker fits directly to photo tripods and astronomical tripods. Tripod recommendations can be found in the accessories section.

♦ The camera is connected by using a ball head, we recommend the TS-BH-51AT (see accessories section)

♦ The camera is connected via a ball head - see options

♦ Particularly easy operation guarantees a lot of fun with astrophotography from the outset, at a setup-time of only a few minutes

♦ Sidereal tracking, 1/2 speed for foreground highlights, solar and lunar speed for northern and southern hemisphere

♦ Practical carrying bag for storing and transport is included

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