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ZWO Mono CMOS Camera ASI 1600MM-Cool - Chip D=21.9 mm

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ZWO Mono CMOS Camera ASI 1600MM-Cool - Chip D=21.9 mm

ASI 1600 MMC - V3 Version - Cooled USB 3.0 MONO astro camera for deep sky photography. High-resolution CMOS sensor with 16 megapixels.

♦ Powerful Peltier cooling down to 45 °C below ambient temperature

♦ Sensor: 4/3" CMOS sensor with 21.9 mm diameter

♦ Pixels: 3.8 µm pixel size - 4656 x 3520 pixels

♦ Short download time through USB 3.0 - can also be used with USB 2.0

♦ 2x USB 2.0 output ports

♦ AR protect window built-in - full transmission also in IR

♦ Connection: T2, 1.25" and 2"

New advantages of the V3 version:

♦ Fix front cover with screws to avoid unscrew the cover off by mistake

♦ Better transfer of the heat from the heat sink to the front window to avoid dew problem

♦ Add the air socket, so you can attach desiccant tube to make the sensor chamber dry again when needed


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Power Supply:
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