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ZWO ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector - T2 and 1.25" connection

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ZWO ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector - T2 and 1.25" connection

The ADC corrects the dispersive effects of Earth´s atmosphere. You will get sharper images of planets and moon.

The Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector is a revolution in observing and imaging objects.

♦ Through the use of 2 high quality prisms, it corrects the false colour introduced by the earth´s atmosphere.

♦ When used for planetary imaging, it changes the clarity of the image dramatically, particularly in the luminence channel when LRGB imaging.

♦ Adaption is simple through T2 thread on both sides

♦ You can use the ADC for visual and photography

♦ You see the result very clear through the eyepiece


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