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GS SuperView 30mm 2" Wide Angle Erfle Eyepiece - 68 Degrees

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GSO SuperView 30mm 2" wide angle eyepiece ERFLE 30mm - 68° field of view

Erfles made from GSO for Telescope-Service offer a very good quality for an affordable price. Direct import from the factory allows us to offer them so cheaply without sacrificing quality!

Specifications and Features of the WA Erfle 30mm:

-- Focal Length: 30 mm
-- Field of view: 68°
-- Coating: fully multi-coated
-- Blackened lens edges: yes
-- Field stop diameter: 42 mm
-- Eye relief: ca. 20 mm
-- Barrel diameter: 2" with filter thread
-- Weight: 275 g
-- Optical layout: 5 lenses in three groups (Erfle design)

This eyepiece is recommended for the following telescopes:

-- Newtonians with f/5 or longer
-- Refractors with f/5 or longer
--- All other telescopes with 2" focuser

High Transmission:

GSO Erfles eyepieces have extremely good transmission. You can see it best when holding the eyepiece over a white surface. If the image through the eyepiece appears dim or has a non-neutral colouration this indicates light losses. With the WAE eyepieces the image is bright and neutral.

We did the same test also with other eyepieces (TeleVue Panoptic 27 and Wild 30, both of which are popular deep sky eyepieces). In direct comparison it was clear that the WA Erfle had the brightest image. For further information please see "User reports" below.

There you will also find a test report for the 50mm WA erfle.

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Left: 30mm WILD
Center: Panoptic 27mm
Right: TS Optics WA Erfle 42mm

A short comparison: WA Erfle 42, Panoptic 27, Wild 30

Aside from field correction and sharpness you should also compare other properties of eyepieces. Transmission is one point that is very important for Deep-Sky use, but without properly blackened interior and baffling any eyepiece will throw up bright images with a poor contrast.

You can easily do the test yourself:

Just put the eyepiece on a dark surface and take care of good lighting conditions (daylight). Then look onto the front lens from an angle of about 45°. The brighter the lens surface you can see, the more stray light exists inside the eyepiece. This stray light will diminish contrast.


You can see that the eyepiece on the left produces a lot of stray light. Coating and baffling are poor. When compared with the Panoptic or the GSO Erfle the background of the image rendered by this eyepiece will be brighter, resulting in reduced contrast.

Both the GSO Erfle and the Panoptic are much darker, you will have a noticeably better contrast when you look through these eyepieces. When it comes to the blackened interior of the eyepiece body these two eyepieces very closely match one-another.

To be fair with the 4x as expensive TeleVue Panoptic, though, this eyepiece has other advantages when compared with the TS WA. It can be used in very fast Newtonians down to f/4 with good field sharpness. When you compare image clarity and contrast the TS WA will perform nearly as well as the Panoptic.

A short feedback on the GSO Erfle

by Michael Kießling

Hello Wolfi,

in the first week of September I had the opportunity to intensively test the new eyepiece at ITH in Reinsehlen. We had an exceptional observing night I spent with my Lichtenknecker 6" f/15 refractor. Same as in an earlier quick test I was positively surprised by the image quality.

Eye relief is very comfortable, even with eyeglasses. The image is crisp and free of internal reflections, the field of view feels as large as advertised. At the resulting 45x magnification the east half of the Veil nebula fitted well inside the field of view and just touched the edges. With a 2" UHC filter it was a phantastic view!

In order to test the image sharpness towards the edge I had a look at a populated area of the milky way. At the extreme edge of the field a small amount of coma could be seen, which however was not distracting (at least for me).

I also liked the mechanical quality of the eyepiece very much.

All in all I am very happy with this eyepiece so far!

Greetings from the North,

Michael Kießling.

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Customer reviews:

Author: Martin Voros, 10.08.2017
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"Awesome product. For the price unbeatable."


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