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Skywatcher Startravel-102 AZ3 - 102/500mm Rich Field Telescope

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Skywatcher Startravel-102 Black Diamond Line rich field refractor 102/500mm with alt/az mount AZ3, with tripod

... a transportable rich-field telescope for nature- and astronomical observations

Skywatcher 102-500mm achromat on AZ3

The Skywatcher Black Line 102/500mm is a true rich rield telescope. This powerful refractor allows impressive deep-sky observations. Have a look at the Andromeda Galaxy, our "neighbour", with its both comanions. See these three Galaxies surrounded by thousands of stars thanks to the wide true field that this telescope offers.

Of course you can also use 2" eyepieces. In the "accessories" section, we offer a 2" kit giving you a true field of 8x the full moon's diameter.

Up to a magnification of ca. 80x, the image is sharp an contrasty. If you want to use higher magnifications (e.g. for lunar and planetary observations), we recommend a yellow filter or the Baader Fringe Killer. These filters reduces the blue fringing that is normal for fast achromatic refractors.

Thanks to to compact dimensions, the BKR 102/500 is a good scope for travelling. The weight of the OTA is only 2.5 kgs.

The advantages of the combination BKR 102/500 and AZ3:

-- Powerful and multi-coated optics with 102mm aperture
-- Compact and transportable: mount & telescope together have a weight of less than 10 kgs.
-- Solid 2" metal focuser with reducer for 1.25"
-- Direct T-2 adapter on the focusers back end - turns the telescope into a 500mm 1:5 telephoto lens
-- Easy operation and setup within a few minutes
-- Suitable for astronomy and terrestrial observation

The 2" metal focuser

With 2" eyepieces, the view through a rich field refractor becomes spectacular. Heavier accessories like 2" star diagonals and eyepieces require a solid focuser. At this model, the focuser is a metal design, accepting both 2 and 1.25" accessories.


No problem with this telescope - the back end of the drawtube offers a male T2 thread accepting the standard T2 ring for your SLR camera model.

AZ-3 mount The AZ3 mount with height-adjustable field tripod:

This telescope's concept is to be a compact and transportable. Quick setup and easy operation is also essential. The AZ3 mount fulfils these requirements very good.

The mount's weight is less than 8kg including the tripod.

Operating the mount is very easy:

The telescope can be pointed to any direction in the horizontal and vertical axis. So you can reach any terrestrial and celestial target. Once aligned, you can perform fine controls by two flexible shafts.

Even with higher magnifications, you can track stars, planets and the moon in that way.

Technical details:

-- Aperture: 102mm
-- Focal length: 500mm
-- Photographic speed: f/5
-- Limiting visual magnitude: 13m1
-- Resolution: 1.13"
-- Optical system: Achromatic Fraunhofer design, multi-coated
-- Focuser: 2", with reducer to 1.25" and T2
-- Mount: AZ3 with flexible drive shafts and field tripod

Scope of delivery:

-- Optical tube assembly with clampshells
-- Red-dot finder
-- Eyepieces: Super 10mm and Super 25mm
-- 45° Amici-Prism for terrestrial observations
-- AZ3 mount with manual fine controls and field tripod

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Customer reviews:

Author: Tuomo Mäkinen, 28.04.2018
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"Very nice telescope that you can transport easily! Very easy to setup with AZ3 mount."


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