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Complete eyepiece + accessory kit in aluminium case - by TS

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TS Optics Eyepiece case is a kit of important and useful accesssories for almost any telescope!

The large eyepiece / filter / adapter package is available for a top price

The TS Optics Eyepiece and Accessory Case contains the most important accessories that almost fit every amateur astronomer needs for his telescope: The set contains 12 premium class parts in a rugged case.

All items in this kit have been carefully selected, not just "randomly picked"! All parts are compatible with all current telescopes.

Then TS Optics Eyepiece and Accessory case contains the most important accessories that almost every amateur astronomer needs for his telescope:

- four high quality, Multy-Coated eyepieces

- a Barlow Lens (doubles the magnification with any eyepiece)

- five Colour Filters for more contrast during planetary observing

- a neutral (grey) Moon filter for reduction of glare on the moon

- a multy-purpose camera adapter, suitable for the adaptation of various cameras

3 x TS Optics Super-Plössl Eyepieces - Optimum image sharpness and brightness:

Die TS Optics Super-Plössls have a high-grade Green Multi-Coating on all glass-to-air surfaces. The lens edges are carefully blackened.

As a result the Super Plössls offer the best possible transmission, contrast and a top image sharpness particulary on the optical axis!

Of course the TS Optics Super-Plössls come with the standard 1.25" filter thread!

32mm TS Super Plössl ... maximum field of view - a beautiful wide field eyepiece
9mm TS Super Plössl ..... an excellent allrounder
6mm TS Super Plössl ..... a beautiful eyepiece for lunar and planetary usage

TS Optics - 15mm Wide Angle Eyepiece 15mm - almost 70° Field of View

With its field of view of almost 70° the TS Optics 15mm Wide Angle Eyepiece you can see a much larger section of the sky at the same magnification compared with simpler eyepieces. At the same time it has a long eye relief ideal for eyeglass wearers!

Finally the WA 15mm also comes with the standard 1.25" filter thread!

The eyepiece offers a beautiful overview and at the same time a high resolving power... excellent for observing nebulae and galaxies

TS Optics 2x achromatic Barlow Lens

The TS Optics 2x Barlow Lens is particulary high quality lens that doubles the magnification. It is simply inserted between the telescope's focuser and the eyepiece.

- full Green Multi-Coating

- large lens diameter for optimum illumination
- TOP image sharpness
- can also be used as 1.5x Barlow. For this usage simlpy remove the lens element in its black cell and screw it directly into the filter thread of the eyepiece.

5x Colour Filters for boosting contrast especially for planetary observing

Colour filters can mean the difference between seeing and not seeing a detail, particulary on the planets! The TS Optics accessory kit contains the most important colours:

- light yellow: For moon, Mars, comets. Reduces the false colour of refractor telescopes.

- dark yellow: For moon, Jupiter, Saturn. Also for double stars!

- blue:
Boosts the contrast inside the cloud bands of Jupiter. Also for Venus!

- red:
Moon, the Polar Caps of Mars, Venus during the daytime

- green: Boosts the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, white spots inside Saturns atmosphere.

Neutral Moon Filter for Reduction of Glare

Almost everyone considers moon to be too bright to be observed comfortably in a telescope. The ND0.6 Moon Filter reduces the intensity of the moonlight to a comfortable level (25%).

Beside the better viewing comfort you can also see more detail, which is otherwise lost by glare. This is not a simple Green Moon Filter! The moon stays neutral, without unnatural colours!
TS Optics Eyepiece Projection Adaptor

For taking images of the moon and the planets. This adaptor will fit most telescopes and cameras. You may need additional adaptors (e.g. T2 rings).

And last but not least a beautiful case:

A premium and rugged case made of aluminium which can be locked. The case is foam-fitted with fitting pre-cut holes and thus provides a safe and convenient means of storing and transporting your accessories.

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