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Canon EOS Astrophoto Refit with ASTRODON filter for EOS 5DMKII DSLR

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Astro Refit Service with ASTRODON profi filters for your Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR Camera
... replace the original Canon IR cut filter through ASTRODON for maximum H-Alpha Sensibility
... Teleskop-Service offers a refit ghrough the Official Canon Repair Service

Canon EOS refit for Astro with ASTRODON Filters

Canon EOS Cameras were designed for daylight use. They were not designed to easily pick up the rich red colors common to astronomical objects. This deep red light comes from the excitation of hydrogen atoms in space at 656nm. We call this H-Alpha light.

Canon and other cameras have an internal filter to provide good daylight color balance, but this filter decreases the sensitivity to H-a light to about 20%. This low red sensitivity makes astrophotography with stock DSLRs problematic.

Therefore Astrodon provides a replacement filter for Canon DSLR cameras that regains H-a sensitivity to 99% - about a factor of 5 improvement in sensitivity. The original Canon filter (below left) has a blue-green color, whereas the Astrodon Inside replacement (below right) is totally clear, yet it also blocks all UV and near-Infrared light.

How to order the Canon EOS Refit:

1. Please send us an E-Mail through the E-Mail button above in the short description of this item. Please let us know which exact camera model you wish to have modified, and when you are going to send the camera to us. Please do not forget to include your full name and address! (Contact: or write the notice into the text-field of the order form of the shop).

2. Then please send us your camera and please include a copy of the e-mail to us!

3. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks until you get the camera back.

This article includes:

-- ASTRODON filter
-- complete service - replace the original filter through the ASTRODON filter

More informations on the ASTRODON AD5DM2 filter:

Difference between Canon IR Cut Filter and Astrodon filter

You can see the difference in the following graph, where the transmission of light through each filter as a function of wavelength is compared.

Astrodon IR Cut Filter transmission

You can see that the Canon filter passes only 20% of the H-a light to the sensor whereas the Astrodon Inside passes~99%. You can also see that the Astrodon Inside filter blocks all UV and Near-IR light. In the Near-IR, we only transmit 0.003%, whereas a competitor's filter lets 6% Near-IR light pass to the sensor. That's 2000 times less for the Astrodon Inside filter. We used the Canon filter spectrum from this reference.

The Canon filter must be removed and replaced by the Astrodon Inside filter. For daylight use, you will use a custom white point, often shot with an 18% gray card. Thus, the modification allows you to enjoy daylight photography while using your Canon camera at night for astrophotography.

We offer the Refit Service for the following CANON EOS Cameras:

EOS 5D Mark II

Important notice:

Astrodon do not allows selling these filters directly to dealer or end user. Teleskop-Service is authorized from Astrodon to refit DSLR cameras with their filters.

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