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Orion UK VX12 300 mm f/4 Dobsonian Telescope - 1/8 Lambda

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Orion UK VX12 300 mm f/4 Dobsonian Telescope Alu Rocker Box - 1/8 Lambda

The largest Dobsonian which fits onto the back seat of a car.

Orion UK V12 300 mm f4

300m (12") f4 Dobsonian, focal length 1200 mm

The largest Dobsonian which fits onto the back seat of a car. This light giant is for stargazers who want to watch deep-sky objects and a good trasportability at the same time. Because of the f4 optics, you should attach importance on good eyepieces for getting sharpness over the whole field of view - we will advise you with pleasure. Then, nothing stand in the way of excellent observations anymore.

The advantages of a Dobsonian:

Since decades, Dobsonians gain increasing popularity, as they are easy to use, simple to set-up and very stable.

The additional advantages of Dobsonians from Orion:

-- The tube is mounted in rings, so you can shift it for balancing and turn the focuser in a pleasant position.

-- Put a dovetail plate to the rings and set the telescope on an equatorial mount within minutes. Now you have a powerful instrument for photography.

-- The telescopes are extremely lightweight, so even a 16" can be moved by one person. But they keep the optical alignment.

We only sell Orion Dobsonians in the DELUXE version:

The mirror:

1/8 Lambda p/v wave, 0.95 Strehl (Zygo test protocol), 97% reflectivity - an unusually bright, sharp image is the result.

The mirror cell:

9 Point Mirror Cell

A 9-point primary mirror cell, computer optimized, which keeps the mirror without tension, is offered by the manufacturer. All Orion Dobsonians from Teleskop Service feature this cell!

The 2" ACU Crayford focuser:

Orion ACU Newtonian Focuser

All Orion Deluxe Dobsonians have a precise 2" Crayford focuser with adaption to 1.25". Made of metal, it allows exact focusing without shaking. The fosuser is a low-profile type, necessary for using a smaller secondary mirror.

Optionally, you can get a 1:10 micro transmission for more comfortable focusing.

The rocker box of aluminium:

It is stiffer than a rocker box of wood, but weights less.

-- lightweight, so better to transport

-- can be detached and flattened within minutes

-- teflon bearings for smooth adjustments. Even at high magnification, you can easily center the object in the middle.

-- high diameter altitude wheels for smooth altitude adjustment


Primary Mirror Diameter: 300 mm
Focal Length: 1200 mm
Focal Ratio: f/4
Reflectivity: 97%
Mirror Quality: 1/8 Lambda p/v wave with test report
Tube Weight: 16 kg
Tube Diameter: 326 mm
Tube Length: 1115 mm
Tube Material: Aluminum
Secondary Size: 75 mm
Mirror Cell: CNC 9 point
Focuser: ACU-2S micro adjust
Complete Weight: 29 kg

Scope of Delivery:

-- Dobsonian with focuser and tube rings
-- 2 Eyepieces
-- Finder Scope 8x50

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