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TS-Optics Off Axis Guider with ZEISS M68x1 connection - short design

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TS Off Axis Guider with ZEISS M68x1 connection - short design
... Off Axis Guider für large cameras

TS Gigant M68 Off Axis Guider

This big TS off axis guider with ZEISS M68 thread connection is a consequent further development of our short TSOAG9. This model is designed for heavy cameras with large sensors. With an optical length of 16.7 mm, it also needs not much back focus. But nevertheless, it offers all options needed for professional tracking.

Advantages and characteristics of the TSOAGM68:

-- M68x1 ZEISS thread on both sides
-- Length 16.7 mm only (w/o male threads)
-- Choice of three positions (120° each) for the sideward T2 guiding cam adapter - you have always a good framing option for the sensor
-- Free aperture of 62.5 mm: even large camera sensors can be used without vignetting
-- Massive design: all connections are screwed, no clamping. This is ideal for heavy cameras.
-- The guiding focus can be adjusted individually
-- The prism can be shifted in order to reach an optimal position relative to the main sensor

Three connections for the prism tower:

TS Gigant Off Axis Guider Oeffnung

Due to the massive design, this OAG has no rotation functionality that could compromise the solid connection of heavy cameras. Three positions (3 x 120°) can be used for the guiding tower. The two holes not in use can be closed to prevent straylight from entering the system.

-- Inappropriate prism positions relative to the main sensor (e.g. in front of an edge) ware prevented
-- If the guiding cam collides in one position with the main camera, another position can be chosen.

The short design of the TSOAG68:

TS Gigant Off Axis Guider Seite

We designed the off axis guider consequently for short design without compromising its stability or ease of use. All elements can also be operated when wearing gloves.

Technical details::
-- Telescope side connection: M68x1 female thread (5.5 mm length)
-- Camera side connection: M68x1 male thread (4 mm length)
-- Optical length: 16.7 mm (w/o male thread)
-- Free aperture: 62.5 mm
-- Internal surface with anti-reflective thread
-- Guiding cam connection: T2 (M42 x 0.75)
-- Distance from female M68 thread to prism center: 11.5 mm
-- Minimum distance from prism center to T2 thread: 27 mm

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