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TS-Optics rotatable wall star chart 81x82cm - for schools, observatories...

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TS rotatable wall star chart 81x82cm
... Star chart to hang up on a wall - ideal for observatories, schools and engaged hobby astronomers

TS Planishpere 81 x 82 cm

With the included eye, the chart can easily be hung to a normal wall hook. It is ideally suited e.g. for speeches and introductions: Just align the time of day with the date index and you see the current sky. Good for planning obervation sessions!

TS Planisphere detail

-- The chart shows all constellations of the northern hemisphere and can be used in the medium northern latitudes; it is
optimized for 48° N.
-- All stars and constellations visible with the unaided eye in normal nights are displayed.
-- Also shown: The milky way, mathematical horizon and twilight lines. Here one can see exactly when an observation
session can start and how long it can last; the time of rising of a celestial object can also be seen clearly. The cardinal
points (North, East, South, West) are shown, too.

Operating the planisphere is straightforward:
Just align the local time with the current date by rotating the translucent front part. Now the chart shows the current part of the sky that can be seen.

-- Width: 81cm
-- Height: 82cm
-- Star field diameter: 58cm

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