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Baader 50,4mm unmounted UV/IR Blocking Filter for CCD Astrophotography

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Baader 50,4mm unmounted UV/IR Blocking Filter for CCD Astrophotography
... round Filter without cell

Baader IR UV Sperr 50mm rund

-- plano optically polished
-- with anti reflective coating ... no ghost images
-- very good optical quality
-- thickness 3 mm
-- perfect for luminance

The IR/UV filter transmission curve:

Baader UV IR Sperrfilter Transmision Curve

Mechanical characteristics:

-- the only filters with homofocal plano-polished substrate. Every single filter is fine optically polished to 1/4 wave length.

-- Baader LRGBC-Filters are hard coated separately. The individual filter is not bored out of a big plate.

-- Filters who are bored out have micro fissures in the rim of their coatings. They tend so soak humidity because of the fissure's capillar characteristic.

-- All Baader filters have sealed coating rims because of their individual treatment. Intrusion of humidity is impossible.
In a long-term ageing test scheme, Baader filters were stored in boiling water for one hour (e.g. at B+W filters and Schneider Kreuznach) and remained (in opposite to bored filters) absolutely intact.

-- The Baader filter's scratch-proof hard coatings can be cleanded often - preferably with Baader optical wonder cleaning fluid.

Optical characteristics:

-- no reflections compared with competing filters.

-- Maxium contrast by extremely steep transmission curve edges.

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