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Baader - ZEISS 90° diagonal prism - T2 thread on both sides

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ZEISS 90° diagonal prism T2
ZEISS Jena 90° diagonal prism - 2x T2 connection (2456095 #1B)

This prism offers highest ZEISS quality. The prism's mechanical precision is by the factor of 5 better than simple prisms in plastic housings. The best multi coatings possible have been applied.

Baader mounted this prism in a high-quality metal housing with a T2 thread on both sides. So you have multiple connection possibilities and a short optical path.
More than 1.25" of free aperture!

The ZEISS Jena T2 diagonal prism offers 35mm of free aperture. This is significantly more than 1.25" (31.7mm).

1.25" prisms and mirrors normally have 27mm of free aperture because they are limited by the inner diameter of their 1.25" barrel. So you gain 30% of field using the ZEISS T2 prism.
The shortest 2" diagonal prism we know

the T2 housing allows 2" adaptations on both sides. This makes sense for telescopes with short back focus where standard 2" diagonal mirrors cannot be used. One example is the Pentax 75 SDHF.

2" up to approx. 40mm field stop diameter can be used; only the outer rim of the field of view becomes a little bit darker.

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