<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 31.12.2020 (177 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 31.12.2020 (177 days)

Starizona HyperStar V3 for Celestron C6 SC Telescope with Adapter

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Starizona HyperStar V3 for Celestron C6 SC Telescope with Adapter

The HyperStar turns your Celestron C6 Schmidt-Cassegrain into a fast 150 mm f/1.9 CCD telescope for astrophotography

♦ Suitable for all Celestron C6 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes - every C6 is suitable for FastStar

♦ The 150 mm f/10 SC system becomes a fast CCD astrograph with 290 mm focal length and the focal ratio f/1.9

♦ The Hyperstar system is inserted instead of the secondary mirror

♦ Focusing is still done via the primary mirror of the telescope

♦ Due to f/2, exposure times become so short that autoguiding is not necessary

♦ Distance to the camera sensor: 39.8 mm from the top edge of the Hyperstar (without male thread) or 44.3 mm inclusive male thread (identical with Hyperstar for C8)

♦ Illuminated and corrected field - 16 mm diameter

♦ The Hyperstar for C6 is only suitable for astro cameras, SLRs have too long a working distance.


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