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T2 diagonal prism 90° - dual T2 - SC and 1,25" connection

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Baader T2 diagonal prism
The complete kit

Baader T2 diagonal prism
The 1.25" eyepiece holder with helical focuser
T2 diagonal prism 90° - with SC thread and micro focuser

A special offer by TS - we present these three Baader parts in a new useful combination. On the telescope side, you have a short SC ring fitting to most Schmidt- and Maksutov Cassegrain Systems.

On the eyepiece side, there's a 1.25" Baader adapter with integrated helical focuser.

The ZP 90 SC - 1,25" advantage:

-- You have an integrated micro focuser. Do the coarse focusing with the SC/MC mirror and then you can fine control the sharpness without mirror shifting.
-- There are additonal T2 threads for photographical applications
-- High reflectivity

The set consits of three parts:

-- Baader T2 diagonal prism with dual T2 threads
-- Adapter SC - T2
-- Adapter T2 - 1.25" with integrated helical focuser

Information about the prism:

High-quality multi coated diagonal prism for astronomical use with T2 thread on both sides.

-- Free aperture 32mm - enough for all 1.25" eyepieces
-- Transmission > 96%
-- Metal body
-- female T2 thread on telescope side / male T2 thread on camera side

upright and mirror-inverted

Suitable for: Refractors, Cassegrains... (not for Newtonians)

Advantages of this set compared with standard 1.25" prisms:

Beneath the exceptional production quality, it has the advantage of T2 threads on both sides. So it can also be used for photographical applications and many more.

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Customer reviews:

Author: Tim Cardin, 08.06.2016
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"very good quality and short light path which is good for my C6 sct with focal reducer and 1.25"" eyepieces. I would rather have had the click lock eyepiece adapter through vs. the focusing one. I don't find the focusing ep holder all that useful in practice."


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