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TS-Optics Newtonian Base for UNCN2 Focusers

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TS-Optics Newtonian Base for UNCN2 Focusers

Flexible Newtonian base for UNCN2 and UNCN2-S focusers, older Baader Steeltrack focusers, GSO focusers, ...

♦ Fits all Newtonian tubes with 190 mm diameter or larger

♦ Also suitable for flat support surfaces

♦ Flexible edge with rounded support, thus optimal seating is ensured

♦ Attached to the tube with four screws.Die Befestigung am Tubus erfolgt über vier Schrauben.

♦ The focuser is locked by four headless screws, so no tilting is possible.

♦ Suitable for many 2" focusers with a dovetail ring of 76-78 mm at the bottom side


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