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Baader 1.25 inch ClickLock Adapter - reducer from T2 thread to 1.25 inch

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Baader 1.25 inch ClickLock Adapter - reducer from T2 thread to 1.25 inch

The Baader ClickLock system is a solid holder for 1.25" accessories. The adapter fits to any male T2 ends of focusers.

♦ Telescope side connection: T2 (female)

♦ Focus side connection: 1.25" receptacle and male T2 thread

♦ Length: 32 mm to 38 mm

♦ Clamping: KlickLock clamping perfectly on the optical axis - clamping like threaded

♦ A 20° rotation by pressing the rotary lever is sufficient to securely hold all 1.25" accessories perfectly safe and firmly

♦ Compression clamping ring of thick-walled hard bronze, retains its shape even after years and holds the most expensive accessory totally safe with no scratches and marring


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