<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 15.05.2021 (2 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 15.05.2021 (2 days)

Meade X-Wedge for 8-14 inch LX200/LX600

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Meade X-wedge
for 8-14" LX200/LX600 Models

Meade X-wedge

Meade Equatorial Wedge for long exposure astrophotography and imaging with Meade LX200 and LX600 telescopes.
Required for astrophotography and imaging exposures longer than about 5 minutes. The Equatorial Wedge is mounted between a telescope and the tripod to accomplish the tilt of an equatorial type mount that matches the observer's latitude and permits precise polar alignment of your telescope. The wedge allows the astrophotographer to align the telescope's axis of rotation with the Earth's axis of rotation. This alignment eliminates stars in your long exposure photograph from appearing as a long arc, trail or streak due to an effect known as field rotation. For images under approximately 5 minutes a wedge is not necessary.
Features heavy duty cast aluminum construction with latitude and longitude fine adjustments and a compass to use the magnetic pole as a starting reference. The X-Wedge is an extremely substantial piece of hardware; weight of the wedge is 26 pounds
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