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Meade LightSwitch ACF-6 GoTo telescope with single-arm fork mount

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Meade LightSwitch ACF-6
... best optics meet latest GoTo technology

Meade LightSwitch ACF
The most sophisticated, easiest to use telescope anywhere.

Meade's revolutionary LS™ LightSwitch™ series of telescopes use advanced technologies like GPS, LNT™ and ECLIPS™ CCD imaging to do what no other consumer telescopes have done before: take all the hassle out of using a telescope. Simply flip the switch and the LS automatically aligns itself. Astronomer Inside™ then takes you on a guided multimedia tour of the best objects in your sky. The aluminum mount is lightweight and portable, yet has a rigid structure with precision worm-gear drives for the ultimate in tracking and pointing accuracy. All this combined with Meade's Advanced Coma-Free or Schmidt-Cassegrain optical systems provide the stargazer with the most sophisticated, yet easiest to use telescope ever.

LightSwitch™ Technology. The LS knows where it is in time and space even if you don't. Just flip the switch and be ready to explore the cosmos. Innovative technology is applied to make using the LS simple, easy and fun.
Meade LightSwitch ACFECLIPS™ Module. The ECLIPS color CCD camera (640x480 resolution) lets you capture images of your favorite celestial wonders and display them in real time on an external (user supplied) monitor or store them on a (user supplied) SD card so you can do CCD imaging your very first night out.

AutoStar III. The included AutoStar III GOTO keypad computer has an over 100,000 object library and guided tour functions.

Technica details
Optical Design: Advanced Coma Free
Primary Mirror: Pyrex
Aperture: 152mm (6")
Focal Length, Focal Ratio: 1524 mm, f/10
Resolving Power in arc seconds: 0,76
Mounting: Aluminum Single-Arm Fork Altazimuth
Battery Life (approx.): 3 to 5 hours
Power Supply: 8 "C" Cell batteries or A7C adapter (optional)
Tripod: Adjustable-height Steel Leg Tripod
Autostar Controller: Autostar III
USB-port: USB 2.0
speakers: built in mount

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