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Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT Mount - Telescopes up to 20 kg

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Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT Mount - Telescopes up to 20 kg

The Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 is the perfect solution for amateur astronomers who want the benefit of an azimutal and an equatorial GoTo mount but without the disadvantages of them.

♦ intelligent astronomic platform with dual azimuthal and equatorial GoTo control box

♦ switch in seconds from parallactic to azimutal mode

♦ stability like the EQ6 Synscan in the equatorial mode

♦ better polar wedge, better counterweight shaft

♦ 26% lighter than the original EQ6 mount (mount head weighs only 15 kg)

♦ very stable mount for a second telescope on the end of the counterweight bar - also good for guiding scopes

♦ the data base includes more than 42900 objects

♦ optical encoders, the control box holds the coordinates also when you move the mount without motors


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General Accessories:
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Sky-Watcher SynScan WiFi Adapter for GoTo mounts

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Lacerta Concrete Pier Adapter for Skywatcher mount EQ6 and EQ8

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ALCCD QHY PoleMaster - Elektronic Polar Finder

Transport & Covers:
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TS-Optics Carrying Bag for Skywatcher AZ-EQ-6 SynScan Goto mount

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Ertl Bluetooth Adapter für Skywatcher mounts EQ3, EQ5, AZ-EQ6, etc.

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Ertl Elektronics Adapter EQDir USB for Skywatcher EQ5, AZ-EQ6 ...

Power Supply:
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Power Supply 12 V - 6 A max. - stabilized, for high loads

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Skywatcher Replacement Part - 12V Power Cable for AZ-EQ6, AZ-EQ5 and EQ6-R Mount

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TS-Optics PowerTank 17Ah - with LED Spotlight and radio - 2x 12V DC output

Accessories for mounts:
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Skywatcher Counterweight white 5.1 kgs for AZ-EQ6 GoTo Mount

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Ertl Elektronics Bluetooth Skysafari Adapter for Skywatcher

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Celestron StarSense AutoAlign for Skywatcher mounts

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90° comfortable View with additional magnification for polar finders

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Pierro Astro USB-HEQ5 Direct Interface for Skywatcher H-EQ5 Mounts

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Pierro Astro USB-EQ6 Direct Interface for Skywatcher EQ6 Mount

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TS-Optics Dovetail Mounting Bar Vixen style - 100 mm slotted hole and 1/4" screw

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Altair Starbase - Ultra Stable Field Tripod with pier, heavy-duty, 17.5 kg weight

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Skywatcher Pier with three beams for EQ6 mount (white)

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Half pillar for Skywatcher EQ6 - length: 22 cm - white

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TS-Optics Losmandy level dovetail rail - 330 mm long - flat surface

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TS-Optics Dual Mount EQ5 Level - parallel mounting of 2 instruments

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