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Baader 2459281 - Astro Solar Safety Film - visual ND 5.0 - 200 mm x 290 mm

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Baader 2459281 - Astro Solar Safety Film - visual ND 5.0 - 200 mm x 290 mm

With this film, you can build safe high-quality solar filters for all optics - from the naked eye to a bigger amateur telescope.

♦ ND 5.0 transmits only 1/100,000 of the sunlight

♦ Optimal protection through double-sided filter coating

♦ High safety: In opposite to a glass filter, this film cannot break. This one is extremely tear-resistant, too.

♦ Exceptional optical quality: The Astro Solar foil has an optical performance that is superior to Mylar foils. The image is sharp and contrasty.

♦ Colour neutral: the natural colour of the sun is kept.

♦ Reasonable priced: a similar glass filter would cost a multiple.

♦ Delivered with a manual for building your own filter

♦ Size: 200 mm x 290 mm (roughly A4 size)


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