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<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 20.02.2020 (33 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 20.02.2020 (33 days)

Skywatcher Esprit-100ED Professional - 100mm F/5,5 Super APO Triplet Refractor

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Skywatcher Esprit-100ED Professional - 100mm F/5,5 Super APO Triplet Refractor
... 3-element FPL53 Ohara Objective for zero detectable colour fringing

Skywatcher ESPRIT 100mm Triplet APO

Sky-Watcher Professional ESPRIT 3-Element ED apochromatic refractors are instruments of the highest quality with optical performance rivalling or exceeding similar telescopes of even the most famous high-end telescope brands.
The ESPRIT Super Apo Triplets are designed for the most demanding astro-imagers, for use with the optional M48 Field Flattener, but are also fine telescopes for visual observations. The premium, superbly-corrected optical systems deliver high-contrast images full of detail and zero detectable colour fringing, even on the brightest of objects.


3-Element Objective Lens, Focal Length 550mm (one Ohara FPL53 ED element)
Zero detectable Colour Fringing even on Bright Objects
Metallic High-Transmission Lens Coatings
Knife-edge Baffled Optical System
High-precision Mechanical Components
Aluminium OTA material (superior to plain carbon-fibre for this application)
Adjustable Dew Shield
OTA Weight 6.3kg (without accessories)
3” CNC-machined 11:1 dual-speed Linear Power Focuser - rotatable!
Focuser with 2” and 1.25” eyepiece adaptors and indexed scale
Zero focus-shift during focusing
High Load Capacity
150 mm diameter for attaching front solar filters
The smooth focus motion and 11:1 fine focus wheel allows precision adjustment and critical focusing of


Skywatcher ESPRIT 100 - Case Koffer

2” Dielectric Star Diagonal,
9x50 Right-Angled Erect Image Finderscope,
45mm Dovetail Mounting Shoe,
Heavy Duty Foam-Lined Storage/Transportation Case.

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Skywatcher Field Flattener für Esprit-100ED triplet


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