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Baader Var. Polarisation filter 1.25" - 1% to 40% transmission

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BA2408340 Polarisationsfilter 1,25" Variable Polarising filter - 1% ... 40% transmission

This filter is simply screwed into the 1.25" filter thread of the eyepiece or adapter. One part of the filter can be turned in order to adjust for the attenuation factor. So you can individually adapt the filter's effect to your needs.
Technical details:
-- Combination of two linear polarising filters in turnable mount.
-- Cell with filter thread on both sides
-- Transmission 1% ... 40%
-- Substrate 2 mm thick

Fields of use:
The variable polarising filter is suitable for nealy any kind of observation. Starting from lunar observation it can also be used for dividing double stars. The brighter part can be dampened continiously until its glare does not disturb any more.

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