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ATIK COLOR CCD Camera - sensor 10,97mm diam. - 4.54µm

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ATIK COLOR CCD Camera 428EXc - Small D=60mm Body
... very sensitive SONY ICX674 sensor with 2.8MP - size 8,8mm x 6,5mm - 4.54µm square pixels
... regulated cooling to 30° below ambient and low noise electronics


* 2.8 million 4.54μm square pixels for high-resolution imaging.
* Low-noise electronics for the best sensitivity.
* High Quantum Efficiency
* Regulated cooling to -30oC max below ambient.
* Excellent software support


The Atik 428EX is the first camera available to astronomers that uses Sony’s state of the art ICX674 2.8MP sensor. Featuring the latest generation EXview technology, this camera has an outstanding Quantum Efficiency, very low noise and excellent thermal management. This model is an ideal match to telescopes commonly used by amateurs.

It’s excellent sensitivity makes it one of the best cameras for deep-sky astrophotography, surpassing its forerunner,
the acclaimed ICX285.

The Atik-4 Series cameras are a development of the 3-Series cameras, featuring better cooling and narrower body. They benefit from setpoint cooling to make taking matching dark frames a snap, and simple 12V power requirement to facilitate field operation. The impressive sensitivity, great cooling and narrow profile, make the Atik Series 4 outstanding CCD cameras to use on modern telescopes, including Hyperstar/Fastar systems.


The Atik 428EX is a perfect match for narrowband imaging. It’s excellent Quantum Efficiency in OIII, Ha and SII, make it one of the best cameras available for this demanding technique. Advanced color mapping compositions can be done with lower integration time, getting more out of your imaging session. More data, better data. Featuring the narrowest body in its
class, the Atik 428EX is one of the lightest cameras as well. But don’t think there was a compromise regarding cooling performance or stability. The cooler has been engineered for low power use, making your field sessions last longer. The
desiccant port is now easily accessible from the exterior.


The Atik 428EX comes with Atik’s renowned Capture application which provides a simple and intuitive yet powerful way to acquire images. Tools include a focus assistance readout, image sequencer, guide camera control and integration with Atik filter wheels. Capture aims to take the stress out of imaging, making your time at the telescope more enjoyable. If you require compatibility with other software there are plugins for MaxIm DL, Astroart and CCDSoft, as well as a full ASCOM driver.

DAWN - the new ATIK image processing software:

Also included is Dawn, Atik’s new image-processing software. Like our cameras, it was designed from the ground
up to be powerful yet easy to use. It allows a sequence of image-processing steps to be represented in the form of a pictorial workflow which can be created with a few mouse clicks and can then be executed very easily for repeatable and speedy results.


ATIK 428 Connectiopn

-- Sensor Type ... Sony ICX674 - 8,8x6,5mm
-- Resolution ... 1932x1452 pixels / 2,8 MP
-- Pixel Size ... 4.54 x 4.54µm
-- ADC ... 16 bit
-- Readout noise ... Typical 4e-
-- Interface ... Mini-USB 2.0
-- Power ... 12V DC, 1A
-- Cooler ... Regulated to -30°
-- Weight ... 400g
-- Dimensions ... 60mm diameter (round) - Lengh 121mm
-- Distance from the T2 thread to the sensor ... 13mm

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