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Baader 36x2mm unmounted CCD Narrowband Filterset - 3 Filters

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Baader CCD Narrowband Filterset - 3 Filters - round - no cell 36x2mm

Baader 36mm Narrowband filterset

Filterset for Full-Frame-CCD, consisting of 3x Filter - H-alpha 7nm , OIII 8,5nm , SII 8nm

Curve of the Baader H-Alpha 7nm Filter:

H-Alpha 7nm

Curve of the Baader OIII Filter

baader OIII Filterkurve

Curve of the Baader SII Sulfur Filter

Filterkurve Baader Sulfur

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User reports
Bildautor: Johannes Schedler, © 2008 by Panther Observatory.
NGC7000+Pelican Mosaic with Baader NarrowbandCCD-filters. Note tight stars and absence of halos.

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